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Take Control of Your Company's Energy Costs
Take Control of Your Company's Energy Costs

Business Solutions

On Grid, Off Grid, or Hybrid, we have a solution that fits almost any solar energy project.

Whether you are looking to save money, promote green energy, or hedge against future energy costs, we are the experts in the design and supply of commercial PV systems.

Solar PV Systems that Scale with your Business

We provide full design and engineering solutions for rooftop solar, ground mount solar, or solar carports.

GreenSun offers a flexible approach to bring you the solar PV system best suited to your current needs, with the option to upgrade solar capacity as required. We have made solar energy for business easier and more affordable

Invest in a solar PV and battery backup solution now to ensure your company operations are never without power.

Energy Security (Battery Backup)

We can help with integrating your solar panels into your backup generator or help with battery backup.

Get reliable power 24/7

Need Finance?

We offer three easy finance options tailored to fit your business needs and budget, ensuring that solar is a financially savvy solution for your company.


Flexible payments are structured to meet our client’s production cycle thus ensuring expenses are in line whilst greater savings are ensured.


Explore the option of leasing green electricity at a discounted rate to usual tariffs.


To avoid high initial capital costs, the crow-funds may be opened so that anyone can buy the solar cells that will be installed to power your business or community, whilst you save in energy cost each month.

Agriculture Solutions

Electricity cost are for most farmers the second biggest expenditure. It is time time to #ownyourpower

Electricity cost are for most farmers the second biggest expenditure. It is time time to #ownyourpower

Our areas of expertise are:

Inverters and panels only

This is to create maximum savings. We can beat any comparative quote.

Irrigation - VSDs plus panels

Optimal designed to power your pumps straight from the sun.

Off Grid Solutions

It does not matter how deep in the Karoo you farm. If you have sun, we can supply power.

Ready to go solar? Discover a solution perfect for your business or agriculture environment