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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Greensun?

GreenSun has partnered with major industry players to bring you quality solutions backed by 4 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of solar electrical systems. We safeguard your investment by making no compromise on product, planning, and partnership. Components are Tier 1 rated and installed by certified solar electric installers.

How Much ROOF SPACE Do I Need?

The roof space would all depend on the type of system you require. We use different software to ensure we can optimize every m² of roof space available. For example, a 3000W PV array will take up about 28m².

Can This Work With My Current Electrical Meter?

Yes, we can install a system on any electrical meter. Also, if you wish to push power back into the electrical grid we will assist you with the Net Metering application. If you do not want to use the net-meter system, we can install a limiter if you wish to keep your prepaid meter.

How Long Will My Batteries Last?

Each battery has a different life span and this is determined by the amount of times you cycle your batteries and how deeply you discharge them. A good battery can last you 10+ years, but a cheap battery only lasts about 2 years. Therefore we consult regarding your backup power needs.

Do I Need A Certificate Of Compliance For My Solar System?

Yes, a COC (Certificate of Compliance) is required for the system as you would need this to add it on to your insurance policy and if you would like to sell your House. We do include this in our Quote.

How does Solar Power Work?

Our PV (photovoltaic) panels capture the sun’s energy, channel it through discreetly placed wires to an inverter located near to your distribution board (DB) where it is converted to electricity to power your home or be stored in batteries for backup or night time power.

What If I Want To Sell My Home?

Developing your home into an independent power generator is a sure way to increase property value and the resale potential. If you decide to sell and are in a finance contract, we/the finance house will assist in transferring ownership of your solar power system to the new owners with peace of mind.

How Are Panels Fixed To My Roof?

We use different mounting structures that are specially made for each individual roof type to ensure that the panels would stay on your roof in the worst possible weather conditions. All the mountings have a double seal to ensure your roof will never leak.

How Long Does An Installation Take?

An average system will take 2-4 days to install but as all the sites and systems are different we will be able to estimate the number of days only after a full site inspection has been done.

Do I Have A Single Or Three Phase House?

The easiest way of confirming this is by checking your Main Breaker for your site. For a Single phase system the Main Breaker will have one 2 poles (Live and Neutral). On a Three phase system you can have, either, a 3 or 4 pole Breaker (3 X Live and Neutral). If you are not sure please send us a photo of your DB and we would be happy to assist.

Is My Equipment Protected Against POWER SURGES?

Yes, we install AC and DC surge protection on all our systems with additional fuses to ensure a safe system from any surges.

Does A Solar System Require MAINTENANCE?

The electrical equipment does not require maintenance but we do advise you to keep your panels clean to keep your production high. If you have flooded batteries you would need to check your battery water. We do have Maintenance contracts if you do not feel like getting on the roof.

How Will Solar Panels Look On My Roof?

In a word: fabulous. Our modern, low-profile design and premium front trim unique designs integrate elegantly into your roof. It’s a look that never goes out of style.

How Long Will Solar Panels Last?

Guaranteed for 25 years. But will last longer.